Picuki is an online picture editing application that enables Instagram users to store Instagram photos on public pages quickly. Picuki can then modify the photographs before sharing them with others. Without logging into the app, you can view Instagram on this website. This website is enjoyable to use, and because you can look for photographs based on hashtags, places, or even a specific caption, it can also be helpful for market research. You’ll see any public profiles on Pickui that use those hashtags or places.

How Does Picuki Work?

Picuki claims it is entirely anonymous when viewing Instagram content on the website. This is because Pickui generates a unique temporary account for each view. However, it is essential to note that Picuki is not affiliated with Instagram. Instagram may be able to track your IP address if you use Pickuki to view private profiles.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Picuki:

  1. Go to the Picuki website.
  2. In the search bar, enter the username of an Instagram user or a hashtag.
  3. Click on the search button.
  4. Pickuki will display all of the relevant content from Instagram.
  5. To view a user’s profile information, click on their username.
  6. To edit a user’s photo or video, click the edit button.
  7. To download a user’s photo or video, click the download button.

Picuki is a valuable tool for viewing and editing Instagram content without having an Instagram account. However, being aware of the potential privacy risks associated with using third-party websites is essential.

Features Of Picuki

The Pickuki platform offers the following features to users.

1. Story and Profile Viewer

Users can access public Instagram profiles on Pickui as well as their postings. By entering the username, you can rapidly look for a profile on the Pickuki website. You can see tales even if no one knows you.

2. Download profiles, photos, videos, images, and stories.

Using Picuki, users can grab images and videos from Instagram profiles.
Businesses and individuals who want to track down and analyze their competitors’ content will find this tool extremely helpful.

If you’re curious, you may examine and download someone’s Instagram profile photo. Remember that if an Instagram profile is private, you can only view the statement “this profile is private” and not any other information.

3. Analytics

Picuki provides information on Instagram accounts, such as how many people follow, follow, and post. The tagged individuals are also displayed beneath the posts or stories. However, it does not provide the engagement rate for each post or the account as a whole.

4. Hashtag Analysis

Users of Picuki can look for hashtags to see the most popular posts related to them.
This tool may be useful for brands and influencers that want to use popular Instagram hashtags to increase their presence on the site.

5. Image Editor

On their website, Picuki claims to include a built-in photo editor. You can save images, edit them, and then reshare them with friends or on social media.

Advantages of Picuki

The limited functionality of the Pickuki website may make you wonder why you should use this app. We have already enumerated the benefits of using websites like Picuki.

Time-Saving: Pickuki helps consumers save time by giving them easy access to and viewing Instagram accounts and posts.

Competition research: Businesses can use Pikuki to analyze the content of their rivals and adjust their own Instagram strategy as necessary.

Enhanced Visibility:┬áPicuki’s hashtag research function assists brands and influencers in identifying the most pertinent and well-liked hashtags for their content, enhancing their Instagram visibility.

Insights: Pickuki provides insights into Instagram profiles, enabling users to evaluate their rivals’ interaction rates and other analytics. They can utilize this knowledge to enhance their Instagram strategy and expand their online visibility. Even so, consider using a different program to gain access to additional capabilities, such as a post planner for Instagram management.


Picuki for Instagram: Is it secure?

It’s natural to have concerns about a website’s security whenever we discover a new one, particularly if it promises to provide a private experience. So, Picuki is secure? Yes, in a vast, fat way, to that!

Picuki is a trustworthy and secure platform for finding Instagram content. You can be assured that your search experience will be worry-free because it uses Instagram’s official API; there won’t be any harmful pop-ups or security issues here! It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that Picuki still falls within copyright restrictions. Ensure you are not breaking any laws if you want to download or use any content for commercial purposes. You can make sure your search experience is secure and compliant in this manner.

Is Picuku Anonymous?

With complete anonymity, Picuki guarantees a safe and secure online experience. Your IG handle won’t appear when you watch or download articles. Additionally, neither the individual you’re downloading from nor any search results will receive any notification. It’s no surprise that so many people choose this platform for their Instagram needs, given its level of privacy.

Picuki is a haven for stalkers. Although “stalker” is frequently used in a bad sense, Picuki is benign. Let’s face it: We all like seeing someone else’s life occasionally. On this platform, it is feasible to do so safely and confidentially, whether it involves a celebrity or a new crush.

Instagram vs. Picuki

One of the most significant and popular social media sites on the internet right now is Instagram. People worldwide use this program to share their daily routines, accomplishments, trends, images, and videos.

What if I wish to download someone else’s Instagram stories to my phone? Users cannot download Tales to Instagram because it lacks this feature. You don’t have to experience disappointment so soon because Picuki is there to compensate for it.

How to use Picuki to browse an Instagram account without login in

By following these instructions, you can view Instagram without logging in:

  • Enter https://www.picuki.com into your browser to access it.
  • Enter the Instagram user’s username in the search field to see their profile.
  • Following receipt of the search results, select the desired profile from the list.
  • You may now browse and see all of the posts the account has shared publicly.

How to Use Picuki to Browse Instagram Posts Using Tags

Follow these instructions to view Instagram posts with tags on Pickui.

  • Visit Picuki’s page.
  • Enter the hashtag you wish to look up in the search box.
  • Click Tags when the search results appear.
  • Several hashtag results are available; select the one you want to view.
  • You may now view all shared posts publicly using the same hashtag.

How to Edit Instagram Photos Using Picuki

The steps below can be used to edit Instagram photos using Picuki:

  • Enter the username of the person whose images you want to edit at Picuiki.com.
  • Choose the user from the search results.
  • From the post section, click the picture you want to change.
  • Select Edit from the image’s bottom menu.
  • The image can now be edited by altering the brightness and applying filters. Additionally, you may add text and stickers to the image.

Do private Instagram accounts appear on Picuki?

On Pickuki, viewing a private Instagram account is prohibited. Only public users are tracked by this website. One of Picuki’s options that can also check private accounts might be helpful to you. However, they frequently fail since private Instagram accounts are secured, and it is difficult for anyone to access the page without authorization.

Best Alternatives:

1. WatchInsta


WatchInsta is another top private Instagram viewer to keep an eye on Instagram profiles, just like Picuki. It is a close substitute for the Picuki and one of the most trustworthy and secure options. The best thing is that it is available to users for free and functions on all devices. This gives you access to Instagram photographs, messages, and other information. The Instagram material, including reels, stories, images, and videos, can be exported as ZIP files.

2. IGLookup


Many individuals use the service IGLookup to check an Instagram profile without being concerned anonymously. This program stands out from the competition because it lets you view private Instagram profiles. It implies that users can examine their submitted content without sending a request to an Instagram account. Your account will always be secure, and IGLookup will never reveal your identity.

3. InstaStories


Another website that allows you to browse Instagram anonymously is InstaStories. It is a well-known private Instagram viewer and is incredibly simple to use. Users must input the Instagram profile name they wish to access and select the search option after downloading the program. The ability to check anything anonymously is the best feature of this site. You may even look up the profiles of well-known people or famous people.

4. Inflact


The well-known Instagram viewer and editor app Inflact is one of the best alternatives to Picuki. Users can see Instagram stories and download Instagram stuff without restrictions with this app. The highlights of an Instagram profile are also accessible.

One of the best tools for monitoring any account secretly is this one. The app provides some intriguing features and allows users to view other people’s profiles. Users can save posts to their Instagram profile and see who blocked their account.

5. InstaDP


It is a different replacement for Picuki, a private Instagram reader and editor. Users can check reels secretly in addition to browsing Instagram photographs and videos. The ability for users of InstaDP to download Insta reels is the most exciting feature. You can download all of the Instagram content, no matter how large.

6. SmiHub


You can use it as a well-known Picuki substitute to browse Instagram posts secretly. Users may browse Instagram images, videos, and loops using SmiHub, one of the top Instagram editors and viewers. The most excellent thing is that using it doesn’t require creating a profile. You may discreetly stalk someone on Instagram using this proper function without drawing their attention to you.

7. StoriesDown


As a Picuki substitute, you can use StoriesDown’s exclusive Instagram viewer. But one distinction between Picuki and that app is that Picuki requires an Instagram account to use its features. If you do it, viewing and downloading Instagram material will be simple. You can only browse and download content from public Instagram profiles despite it only working with public accounts.

8. StorySaver


StorySaver, the following Picuki substitute, lets you browse and download Instagram posts. After using this Instagram viewer, you will understand how to follow someone on Instagram covertly. Whenever you download something using this specific platform, it offers high security. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you can do this.

9. Grahmir


The Grahmir functions somewhat (but not totally) like the Picuki. This specific alternative enables users to keep track of the general popularity of any given Instagram account. This software lets you see how many people have liked and commented on a particular Instagram post. Since it’s an anonymous app, nobody will know you were looking through their profiles.

10. Fullinsta


Fullinsta’s selling pitch is that it is risk-free and cost-free. To give you complete access to Instagram profiles, the site primarily uses the Instagram API. It is a user-friendly web-based platform. The username is the only thing you must look up in a profile. Even a relevant hashtag can be used to locate a specific profile.


Users can check Instagram-related stuff anonymously with the help of Picuki, an excellent private Instagram viewer. But we have mentioned a few names that are excellent replacements for Picuki in case individuals are looking for options for additional trials. You may easily download all of the websites above and programs, and they are all secure. Decide which of these ten options you like most for your usage by comparing them all.

FAQs About Picuki

Is Picuki safe to use?

Picuki is generally considered to be safe to use. It is a popular website with a good reputation and has not been reported to have any significant security vulnerabilities. However, being aware of the potential privacy risks associated with using third-party websites is essential. For example, Instagram can track your IP address if you use Picuki to view private profiles.

Is Picuki anonymous?

Picuki claims it is entirely anonymous when viewing Instagram content on the website. This is because Picuki generates a unique temporary account for each view. However, it is essential to note that Picuki is not affiliated with Instagram. Instagram may be able to track your IP address if you use Picuki to view private profiles.

Can I download Instagram content from Picuki?

Picuki lets you download Instagram content, including photos, videos, and stories. To do this, click the download button next to the content you want to download.

Can I use Picuki to edit Instagram content?

Yes, Picuki has a built-in photo editor that you can use to edit Instagram photos and videos. The photo editor includes various features, such as cropping, resizing, adjusting brightness and contrast, and adding filters.

Is Picuki affiliated with Instagram?

No, Picuki is not affiliated with Instagram. It is a third-party website that uses Instagram’s official basic display API to fetch content from Instagram.

Why do people use Picuki?

People use Picuki for a variety of reasons. Some people use it to view private Instagram profiles without creating an Instagram account. Others use it to edit Instagram photos and videos without downloading them to their computer. Still others use it to download Instagram content for personal use or commercial purposes.

Is Picuki legal?

The legality of using Picuki depends on how you use it. For example, using Picuki to view public Instagram profiles and content is legal. However, it is illegal to use Picuki to download private Instagram content or Picuki to edit Instagram content for commercial purposes without the copyright holder’s permission.

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