A new online platform made its debut with the 2019 release of FeetFinder. It has become a standard procedure for people who enjoy staring at their feet and those who sell photos of their feet. It is, therefore, widely used to buy and sell pictures of feet. The platform’s 4.8 TrustPilot rating indicates that users are happy with it. This rating shows that users are comfortable making purchases and listing their foot photos for sale on the website.

On FeetFinder, you may buy various foot photos, from detailed close-ups of individual toes and soles to more imaginative pictures of feet in various settings. Because of FeetFinder’s user-friendly design, it’s easy for buyers and sellers to search the market and do business using photographs of feet. A quick and risk-free transaction process is made possible by this.

Is Buying and Selling Foot Images on Feetfinder a Scam?

Yes, it is the answer—genuine and efficient, FeetFinder. There are thousands of verified users using FeetFinder right now. Create an account, upload multiple images of your feet, set a price for each image, and watch the money come in! There are hundreds of reviews accessible for you to read. 92% of customers gave FeetFinder positive reviews on Trustpilot, giving it a 4.9 seller rating.

Who is FeetFinder geared towards?

The FeetFinder service is, in fact, only appropriate for some people. However, if you fit into one of these groups, you can benefit as a merchant from the platform:

  • Showcase their most significant work as expert foot models.
  • Who desire to boost their earning potential as independent contractors.
  • Those who appreciate their privacy but require a means of support
  • Beginner-level sellers who require assistance to begin selling foot images.
  • Does anybody want to investigate the foot fetish scene?

Features Of Foot Finder

Many designers use FeetFinder above other platforms because of its many valuable features. The only website that guarantees payments securely and dependably is FeetFinder.com.

Security: The safety of the content worries a lot of content creators. My doubts are raised by a website that requests my personal information but lacks reliable security safeguards. FeetFinder complies with PCI requirements! SiteLock has confirmed that FeetFinder is safe, virus- and spam-free, and only accessible by registered users. You can also password-protect your movies and albums on FeetFinder so that only paid users can access them. A significant benefit is that canceling your account is straightforward.

Anonymity: Want to monetize foot photos but not facial ones? Visit FeetFinder to find your feet! You can reveal your identity to the public or keep your identity a secret. FeetFinder can ask for your phone number when you sign up for practical purposes. They need your mobile number so they may always send you and your clients direct messages (DMs). Your phone number will not be disclosed to FeetFinder and is private. You won’t encounter any creeps around here.

Chat Feature: The conversation feature on FeetFinder is entirely cutting-edge. You may speak with your clients in real time and provide them with personalized information immediately. Speaking with a potential buyer of your feet pictures could help you discover more about their interests and provide outstanding content that resonates with them. Remember that not even the FeetFinder administrators can view your private discussions because of the encryption employed.

Several Hundred Forms of Content: If you have a narrow focus, you might create a unique brand. Include your albums in any of the many content categories available on FeetFinder. On FeetFinder, there are several methods to limit your search so that you only view outcomes about high heels, dancers, pedicures, tattoos, or nail paint. You can boost your earnings by promoting your material to the appropriate customers through category selection.

Option for Paid Membership: The membership option on FeetFinder helps it stand out from the competition. With this capability, you can now give your most devoted customers original content. Instead of purchasing individual feet photos, they may subscribe for a monthly charge. Additionally, this feature allows you to limit free users’ access to your chat room or request gallery.

Post as often as you like: Do you want to upload the most images possible? FeetFinder allows you to add as many albums as you want. You can sell more products if you provide buyers with more than 15 photographs per album. Your movie should be at most ten minutes, and the size of your album should be at most one gigabyte. The posting procedure has been streamlined and hastened.

Make a page for “About Us”: Users of FeetFinder can design and edit their own About pages. You can link this particular page to your numerous social network accounts. Give your About page some attention to make it stand out.

Workflow Analyses: The analytics dashboard for FeetFinder allows for content success tracking. With the help of this function, you may keep tabs on views, profile visits, and earnings. You can alter your material if you know how it performs on the platform.

An immediate Webcast: You can provide real-time, current content to your consumers by using the live cam option.

Badge For Evidence: Please register as a verified foot content model. FeetFinder is dependable. It comes with a tool for verifying popular models. You can request a verification badge once you have a sizable following on the service. If you display a verification badge, many clients are more inclined to do business with you.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of FeetFinder


  • Gain access to a high-end market where quality is ensured, and pricing is maintained low.
  • To secure your safety, benefit from multi-tiered security and verification procedures.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about foot photography or promoting themselves professionally will find a plethora of material on the FeetFinder blog.


  • The membership fee is an upfront cost.
  • The site has a high commission fee (20% of sales).
  • There is no supporting mobile application, in contrast to rival internet services.
  • On the website, scams are conceivable.
  • Because there are much more sellers than buyers on the platform, expect tough competition.

Feetfinder: What Is the Price?

FeetFinder can be obtained for free. This will ensure that many users on FeetFinder are interested in buying images of your feet. FeetFinder charges a nominal monthly fee for its services, which are used by sellers or people wishing to make money by displaying images of their feet online—price: $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year. The yearly fee is $29.99, which equals $9.99 monthly. For the first two weeks, there is no fee, nevertheless. The first one is already in place.

These expenses cover product development, market research, regular business maintenance, and advertising initiatives. An expert suggestion for saving money is to look out for reputable survey websites. Invest elsewhere. In just 30 minutes a day of use, the FeetFinder’s cost might be swiftly recovered. Two avenues to consider are Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Keep in mind that FeetFinder charges a 20% commission on your sales. In other words, after they take their 20% cut, you will receive $80 of every $100 you earn.

Where to Start with FeetFinder?

Before you start marketing images of your feet, let’s talk about how FeetFinder works. Users of FeetFinder who are interested in purchasing from you (the Seller) can do so by going through profiles using filters like age, race, gender, category, and more. Customers can find content descriptions that match their search terms and phrases. Sales can be increased by posting your profile URL on social media and creating engaging album titles and descriptions, but we’ll get to those later.

To create an account and sell content about feet, go to the official FeetFinder website. Fill out the form completely. You must be at least 18 years old to sell on FeetFinder.com. FeetFinder requires you to confirm your age and identity to ensure you are not a bot or using a fraudulent account. A photo ID will be asked from you. You might have to take a picture of yourself holding the ID. Once your account has been approved, the last step is to pay the subscription fee of $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year.

An extra $14.99 must be paid annually for access to premium services. Although the charge does assist in defraying the platform’s overhead, FeetFinder asserts that it was also put in place to weed out shady merchants. Additionally, it will support advertising campaigns, promote sellers, and improve user experience.

On FeetFinder, you may upload pictures of your feet to your “My Material” page. Many possibilities include lotion, arches, high heels, nail polish, and sandals. Despite the site’s “unlimited” upload policy, videos longer than 10 minutes will also be denied.

How to Make Money from Your Foot Traffic with FeetFinder.

The most safe and user-friendly website available is called Feet Finder. On the website, there are a vast number of trustworthy customers and merchants. By moving in the right direction, merchants can boost their revenues by using foot finders. Both buyers and sellers benefit significantly from the website. Consider the following suggestions if you wish to earn money on our site.

1. Value of the Substance: The quality of the content influences the price consumers are willing to pay. Thus, as a vendor, you should be concerned about it. No one will pay anything if your foot photographs and videos are poor quality. This is one of the most important tasks if you want to use the foot finder to earn a lot of money. If customers resize the image, they are more concerned about the content’s quality. The profile is the best area to upload inferior content. For a foot model to be successful, the content must be of the highest caliber.

2. Classification and labeling standards: You can advertise your foot profile to attract more business and increase your potential income. When adding information to your profile, you should use the appropriate keywords corresponding to purchasers’ searches.

If your profile includes titles and descriptions, the number of potential buyers who view it will decrease. You can make more money on Foot Finder by posting high-resolution photos and videos with insightful headers and subtitles.

3. Bundles for Feet Finder: Visit the website to examine the options and choose the one that best suits your needs. Now, you may offer your users ways to utilize this resource that are even more rewarding. Although the Seller paid for the package, its worth warrants the high asking price. By bringing in more clients and encouraging more sales, this tool can help you raise your income.

You can store an unlimited number of 1 GB albums on your profile page. If you frequently utilize the website, they will pay you cash each time you purchase. Thanks to your subscription fees, the website intensified its attempts to entice new paying consumers. Consequently, this could be an excellent tactic for making money online.

4. Consistent Always refer to your materials as cutting-edge since customers want to buy cutting-edge products. It’s crucial to be fashionable and inventive while creating a material for the profile of your foot. This does not imply that all you need to do to get money is post images and wait. You should constantly update your foot profile to demonstrate to potential purchasers that you are using this site.

Making money online requires endurance, not haste. You should produce material for various visitors if you want people to visit your website and locate the right foot images and videos for them. Get foot massages and pedicures frequently to keep your feet looking their best. Getting a massage or manicure and selling high-quality pictures online can help you make extra money.


FeetFinder: Invoicing and Payment

1. Setting A Price Range: A website called FeetFinder promotes the sale of foot images on other websites. If numerous volumes are offered to customers at different price points ($5, $10-$15, and $20+), they will have more choices for foot photos to buy. Thus, enlarging the market may increase sales.

2. A Rise In Price: Customers drawn to a seller’s foot photos could be prepared to pay extra for them. A single shot can sell for anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on its quality. However, You shouldn’t restrict your possibilities to reduce your earning potential.

3. Payouts: You’ll start getting incentives every week after your balance hits $30.

4. The Best Way To Pay Is: By selling location, FeetFinder offers a variety of payment methods. Sellers in the US are paid through Segpay, while those in other nations are paid through Paxum. These techniques make online payment processing secure and reliable. This ensures the security of each FeetFinder transaction for buyers and sellers.


Q. What kind of app, if any, is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is currently only accessible online. Neither iOS nor Android have any app support at the moment.

Q. Can I believe in FeetFinder?

Both sellers and purchasers of footwear can utilize FeetFinder with no risk. Interactions between models and clients are closely watched and planned to protect everyone’s safety. The act of conducting a financial transaction carries no risk.

Q. Is there anything besides feet on FeetFinder?

FeetFinder exists only to promote goods associated with human feet. No off-topic content is permitted.

Q. Does FeetFinder have an age requirement for sellers?

FeetFinder is a community for adults only. Under-18s are not allowed. This policy’s adherence is examined with all vendors.

Q. Do I need to show my face to sell photos of my feet?

You can post foot images and videos without giving away your identity. You have the option to remain completely anonymous.

Q. Are images of men’s feet profitable?

Yes, selling images and films of men’s feet is profitable. Media that caters to men can be divided into many categories. Men interested in starting their own business can sell information about feet on FeetFinder.

Q. Can I get paid to take pictures of my ugly feet and sell them?

Every type of foot has a label, including unattractive feet, dirty feet, boots, socks, and shoes. If you have a camera and feet, you can make money. The appearance of your feet is irrelevant. Visit FeetFinder right away to start monetizing your foot-related content.

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