An all-in-one solution for using and saving Instagram profile stalker profiles is Picnob Instagram Viewer and Downloader. It’s absurd for someone to follow another person on social media and use an alias to conceal their identity. However, apps such as Instagram and Picuki track who has viewed a story and what they have been viewing. Therefore, Picnob can be your ideal partner if you’re also worried about your privacy on Instagram.

Your one-stop shop for more discreet social media use may be this one Instagram app. What are its disadvantages, though, and is it legal or safe? We’ll talk about the characteristics of Picnob Instagram viewers in this article. To help you decide which is more profitable, we will also show you the whole pricing plan and a few alternatives for Instagram users.

Describe Picnob.

With the help of the web application Picnob, you can quickly see and save Instagram stories, videos, and images. For people who want to locate their favourite photos and material in one location and spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram, this platform is ideal.

This app does not host or store any Instagram material, and it has no affiliation with the social media platform. Users on Instagram own all rights. But with its elegant and simple-to-use design, this Instagram client makes it simple to locate and access your favourite photos and material.

What Does Picnob Do?

Using the web application Picnob, you may see and download images and videos from Instagram. There is no need to register or log in to use this free tool. All you have to do to utilise this tool is copy the Instagram post link you wish to view or download, then paste it into the search bar.

After that, Picnob would keep the user hidden while retrieving their data from the Instagram app. To use it, you don’t need to have an Instagram account. This platform does not host or store any Instagram material, and it has no affiliation with the social media platform. Users on Instagram own all rights. It merely gives consumers a place to see and download content from Instagram.

Features of the Picnob App

Let’s discuss the features of this app that can be used for this service to make it more user-friendly for you before we continue to learn how it operates.

  • Unidentified Viewers: You can visit and see any public profile’s content anonymously with this app. We frequently worry that if someone found out that we looked through their profile, it would be awkward for us. Therefore, we may use this program to browse Instagram and feed our stalker tendencies without alerting anyone to our presence.
  • No Login Required: There is no need to sign up or register using a social media account to use this program. You are also not required to supply any other login credentials, such as your Apple or Google account. Download the app, look up your preferred account, and browse your preferred material secretly.
  • Not Recoverable: Don’t worry if you’re afraid someone might learn who you are and that you or someone else has been using this program to check their account. This application contains no names or account information, so no one can find you or contact you through it.
  • Enlarge Picture: The stalker app has capabilities that allow you to zoom in on photographs, unlike the standard Instagram application. Therefore, you can easily zoom in on the photos or videos to see them in greater detail if you want to see someone’s content up close.
  • Absent Advertisements: This application is not something you should use if you’re concerned about being subjected to advertisements and data mining. There are no advertisements on the UI, and you can quickly go through all the features and options to access them from anywhere.
  • Easy-to-use App: This application is relatively easy to use; even someone using it for the first time may figure it out quickly. No specific instructions are required to operate it; the buttons and navigation are self-explanatory. You will, therefore, be able to navigate it with relative ease.
  • Save all of it: Lastly, but just as importantly, this app allows you to store content offline on your device. With this program, you can store photos, stories, photographs, and even profile pictures. Compared to the regular Instagram app, which offers no downloading help, this app offers many advantages.

Ways to Download the Picnob App?

Let’s now discuss how to conveniently use this program by installing it on your Android or iOS smartphone. Remember that this software is third-party, and installing it can require granting specific permissions to your device.

  • To get the app for your device, go to the official Picnob.com website.
  • Install the program once the download is finished.
  • The software needs some permissions to access your tablet or smartphone.
  • Launch the app and browse through anyone’s Instagram profile.


How Does Picnob Work?

The following instructions can be used to use Picnob to view and save Instagram photographs and videos:

  • Go to picnob.com to access the Picnob website.
  • In the search box, type the Instagram username of the profile whose images and videos you wish to view or save.
  • To view the profile, click the “Search” button.
  • Look through the profile’s pictures and videos, then pick which ones you wish to download.
  • To download a particular photo or movie, click the “Download” icon underneath it.
  • Select the resolution in which you wish to download the image or video. There are options for low, medium, and high quality.
  • To download the image or movie to your device, click the “Download” button again.

Advantages of Picnob

  • Streamlined Structure: You can quickly arrange your most beloved Instagram photos and stories in one location with Picnob. This eliminates the need for you to browse through your whole Instagram feed in order to locate the material you wish to watch or save.
  • Simple Obtainability: You may access your favourite Instagram posts anytime, anywhere, using this viewer. With a few clicks, you can quickly see and download pictures and stories on your desktop computer and mobile device.
  • Better Privacy Configurations: It’s made to keep you anonymous and safeguard your privacy. Since there are no login or personal information requirements for the app, you can use it confidently, knowing that your privacy is safeguarded.
  • Adaptable Themes: Picnob allows you to customise your viewing experience with various configurable themes. To create a look that appeals to you, you can select from various colours and styles.
  • Extraordinary Search Tools: It has sophisticated search tools that make it simple and quick to locate the stuff you’re looking for. You can search for material by username, hashtag, location, or other relevant keyword.

Is it Safe to Use Picnob?

The website is rated as “Safe,” yet it is rated as “Not Safe” for children’s safety. This indicates that although there may be information on the website that is inappropriate for children, it is generally safe for adults to use.


1. Pictame


You can browse and download Instagram posts, videos, and profile images with Pictame, a free Instagram viewer and downloader. It is simple to use and doesn’t need to be registered. First, type in the Instagram username and press the search button.

2. Ingramer


Post scheduling, hashtag research, profile analysis, and other functions are available with the paid Instagram marketing tool Ingramer. You may view and download Instagram videos and photographs with it as well. Although it is a premium tool, you can explore its capabilities with a free trial before committing to a subscription.

3. Picuki


You may freely browse and download Instagram material, including images and videos, using Picuki, a free Instagram viewer and downloader. It is simple to use and doesn’t need any software installed. Just go to the Picuki website, type in the Instagram username, and begin looking through their pictures.

4. ExploreGram

5. GridMaster

6. ImageHub

7. InstaConnect

8. InstaGaze

9. InstaPlus

10. InstaZoom

11. SnapViewr

12. StorySaver

13. ViewFinder


The website picnob.com, formerly known as pixwox.com, was mentioned in this article. We learned about picnob.com’s features, how to utilise it, and how to use it to grab Instagram content, among other things. With the material, I hope we can assist and provide you with the information you require. This page is informational; we are not endorsing any Instagram viewer apps. Our only goal is to provide information. The applications are to be used at your own risk.


1. Is it secure to use Picnob.com?

Because Picnob.com requires no personal information, it can be regarded as safe; nonetheless, like with anything, you use the site at your own risk.

2. What is picnob.com?

You may see and download Instagram content privately and for free with Picnob.com. It can be utilised without requiring an Instagram account or log in.

3. Are pixwox.com and picnob.com identical?

The answer is that picnob.com was once called pixwox.com.

4. Is picnob.com a private website?

The use of picnob.com does not need the creation of an account, thus it can be regarded as anonymous and your opinions regarding specific profiles’ Instagram material are private.

5. What disadvantages come with utilising picnob.com?

Occasionally, you may notice that Picnob.com isn’t displaying the accounts you desire.

6. Is it free to use Picnob?

Yes, using Picnob is free. Subscriptions are not necessary, nor are there any other costs.

7. Is Picnob compatible with mobile devices?

Indeed, Picnob is an application that runs on any web-enabled device. Tablets and smartphones are included in this.

8. Is it possible to use Picnob to download material from private accounts?

You may download media from private accounts using Picnob, yes. To accomplish this, though, you must be signed into your Instagram account.

9. Does Picnob go against the terms of service on Instagram?

The terms of service on Instagram are still intact by Picnob. With Instagram’s permission, it extracts media and information from the app using its API.

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