With the help of the online multiplayer maths game 99math, students can hone their competitive abilities and take part in international competitions. In addition to being entertaining, it may be played in real time and accessed live in the classroom to enhance the child’s learning skills. To create a more engaging experience, teachers can choose varying game difficulty levels based on the skill level of their pupils. We will go over the 99math game and how it helps kids learn fundamental math concepts in this extensive guide.

Describe 99Math.

Kids may study maths in an entertaining and engaging way with 99Math, an innovative online platform. It’s intended to assist children in improving their math abilities by providing them with an engaging and difficult game-like experience. 99Math is a cloud-based application that may be used on any internet-connected device.

How Is It Operated?

Anyone can easily become proficient in maths with the help of these interactive courses and exercises offered by this online learning platform. It functions by offering users a range of maths exercises that they can complete at their own speed. The exercises are intended to give users a fun and engaging approach to study while also assisting them in developing their comprehension of important maths concepts.

As they advance through the exercise stages, the user first selects their level of difficulty. There are questions on each level, and the user receives feedback based on how well they performed. For additional assistance, the user can also access a variety of resources, including video tutorials. The user is encouraged to keep practising by unlocking rewards and badges after finishing each level.

Requirement for Playing 99math

In order to obtain the 99math game for your kids or students, you must meet a few prerequisites, which are outlined below:

1. High-Speed Equipment: With the development of technology, a wide range of devices are now accessible. For the best experience, get the newest model with outstanding features.

2. Reliable Internet Access: As we mentioned earlier, 99math is an online quiz game that can only be accessed via the internet. To prevent buffering and provide a flawless experience, you should own a high-speed router that builds a solid internet connection.

3. Most recent browser: While you must use a laptop or PC to access the official website, users of Android and iPhone can download the programme from the official stores. The most recent or updated browser does not collect the necessary cookies, making gameplay hassle-free.

4. Apps from Third Parties: If you like to play 99math remotely, you will require a third-party communication software like as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any other app that allows you to communicate with the students during the quiz.


Features Of 99math

Many excellent elements have been added to the game by the developers in order to improve both the gaming experience and study skills. As a result, both teachers and students stand to gain greatly. A few of them are explained in the section below.

  • Remote Entry: 99math is an online game that is compatible with a variety of devices, including PCs, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and Android smartphones. All you have to do to play this creative maths practise game is download the most recent version of your browser. Additionally, you may play this game on a MacBook, which is made for both office work and gaming.
  • Simplicity of Operation: We mentioned earlier that 99math is compatible with all devices. It also has an extremely user-friendly interface that allows you to establish accounts and compete in competitions, which is another wonderful feature. Instructors only need to provide their basic information when they join up; participation student details are not required. As a result, using this tool is simple.
  • Adaptable Difficulty: The main goals of the 99math game are to assess students’ knowledge and evaluate how well they performed in this topic. Every student is an individual with a unique calibre. Because of this, educators can assign varying degrees of difficulty to each student, allowing them to steadily increase their performance. They can therefore represent the deficiencies in a student’s subject knowledge, allowing them to compete on a larger field.
  • Enhanced Assessment: Teachers may easily assess their students’ success using 99math thanks to metrics and scores that are displayed on an extensive dashboard. If there are more than one participant, you can count the true answers to find the winner. On the other hand, a pupil is only using one form of play. In that instance, you can assess his progress by contrasting his performance or score with those from earlier rounds. The kids are able to comprehend the areas in which they are falling behind as a result.
  • A Compelling Experience: Because of its many built-in features, 99math provides teachers and students with an incredibly engaging experience. Students can play this game while they sleep in their bedrooms or even in the classroom thanks to remote technology. In addition, the integrated chat feature in online activities enables educators to pose questions to any student in real time, so augmenting the arithmetic learning process.

How Do You Play 99math?

We’ve outlined how to play the 99math game on your laptop or PC in the section below. After accessing the official website 99math.com, proceed with the steps listed below.

1. Open an Account

There is a Sign-Up option on the main website. When you press it, a new page with the options student, instructor, and parent will appear. You can choose the appropriate category to establish your account. Because the site offers three possibilities, joining is quite simple.

  • With an account on Google: If you select this option, 99math will take care of the data extraction automatically.
  • Using an email address: To create your account, if you are not a Google user, you can add a customised email address and password. Include the first and last names as well.
  • With Cunning: It’s generally advised to sign up for 99math with Clever when setting up student accounts. Clever is an online platform that securely imports student data into the game from the data of a certain school.

2. Confirm the Account

Upon providing your email address for registration, a confirmation link will be sent to you. To activate your account, click the provided link.

3. Choose Your Subjects

The next step is to choose the subjects your kids or pupils will compete on when the account has been verified. You can also adjust the degree of difficulty. Interestingly, you can always adjust it to raise the bar for competitiveness.

4. Select The Competition Type

A customisable quiz game that supports multiplayer competition is called 99math. Three main competition modes exist:

  • Play alone: This mode can be configured to assess the abilities of your child or a specific learner. There are three sessions in the game. As a result, you can evaluate the player’s skill level and advantages.
  • Play Live: With the live game modes, you can create a special URL that you can provide to every player. The game can then be started, and you can record each student’s performance to find out who won. In addition to virtual classes, this mode can be used in the classroom.
  • Class Versus Class: A competition between two classes of the same grade is created in the Class vs. Class game mode to determine which kids are the smartest overall.

5. Results Analysis

Each student’s answers will be given to the professors following the game. In order to assess the performance of the pupils, they can view both correct and incorrect responses. However, the participants have the option to request the results and view them for analysis on their screens.

How do I make a 99Math game?

The procedure of making a game on 99Math is simple and easy to use. This is how you do it:

  • Select a Subject: Choose a maths topic that you want your students to practise first. You may be confident that every topic has been carefully considered and approved by other maths teachers.
  • Tailor the Subject: Additional customization options for each topic allow you to better fit it with your curriculum or to the unique demands of your students.
  • Preview inquiries: You will be able to view on your smartphone the precise questions that your pupils will be asked once you have chosen your topics. You won’t have to spend time preparing the materials because clicking “Show more” creates more automatically-prepared tasks.
  • Select the Game Mode: After you are happy with the topic, click the “Select game mode” option to continue. This gives you the freedom to decide how to interact with your students. You can choose between homework, which is ideal for self-paced practise, and a live game, which is ideal for classroom or video conference sessions.
  • Fixed Time for the Game: You are in charge of the game’s duration regardless of the mode. For example, homework assignments require students to complete 50 questions at their own pace, while live games usually consist of three rounds lasting 30 seconds each.
  • Call Upon Your Students: Now that the game is set, send out invitations to your pupils. Give them the special game code or link, or if you’re in a shared virtual area, show them the on-screen join instructions. To participate, students only need to visit join.99math.com and input the code.
  • Savour the thrill: Everyone will be able to view the questions as pupils work through the tasks because they will always be visible on their device. As they become fully immersed in the game, you’re likely to witness their enthusiasm in person!
  • Review of Findings: Following the game, you will receive an automatically generated report that highlights areas for improvement in your students’ performance and gives you a general idea of the class’s level of proficiency in the selected topic.

Advantages of 99Math

99Math is an excellent arithmetic learning resource for children for multiple reasons. Among the main advantages are:

  • Better arithmetic abilities: With 99Math, children may enhance their mathematical abilities while having fun and learning in an interesting way.
  • Enhanced involvement: 99Math’s game-like interface encourages students to play with maths more and makes learning more pleasurable.
  • Enhanced cooperation and teamwork:Students are encouraged to collaborate and work as a team in 99Math’s multiplayer mode, which is an important ability for success in any area.
  • Adaptive education: Kids are always pushed but not overwhelmed by 99Math’s adaptive complexity, which promotes more effective learning.

Is 99Math free of cost?

99Math offers no cost to students. Additionally, they provide a premium teacher edition that includes a classroom dashboard and data tracking. A new approach to teaching maths to children is 99Math. It is an excellent supplement to any student’s mathematics education, both in the classroom and at home, due to its many features, advantages, and adaptability. To assist children become more proficient in maths and develop a passion of learning, educators and parents can look into 99Math.


99Math is a cutting-edge online resource that helps students learn maths in an enjoyable and interesting way. It provides a number of tools, such as adaptive learning and real-time problem-solving, to help children get better in maths. It can be used by educators and parents as an enjoyable approach to reinforce maths concepts at home or as an addition to classroom instruction. With its multiplayer option and game-like experience, 99Math encourages cooperation, critical thinking, and teamwork. Therefore, give 99Math a try if you’re seeking for a fun and successful method to help your kids get better at maths.


1. What grades can use 99math?

Specifically designed for instructors of grades 1 through 6, 99 maths is a social practise platform that can expedite results and save lesson time.

2. What is the price of 99math?

It’s a maths game for free.

3. How is 99math operated?

It’s a quiz game that uses live games and practise to assess maths ability. While the students engage in real-time class games, the teachers will begin selecting the talents. At the conclusion of the three rounds, the students can even see who performed the most accurately and best.

4. Can pupils use 99Math at home for gaming?

It’s true that pupils can use 99Math at home. Games can be given homework by teachers, which students can finish at their own speed.

5. Can homeschoolers use 99Math?

Yes, homeschoolers can utilise 99Math as an entertaining and effective approach to practise arithmetic.

6. How much time is there for the free trial to end?

The 14-day free trial period is in effect.

7. Which kinds of mathematical problems are present in 99Math?

There are many different types of arithmetic problems in 99Math, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

8. Can parents use 99Math to monitor their children’s progress?

Yes, 99Math allows parents and teachers to monitor their children’s development and receive performance reports.

9. Are all devices compatible with 99Math?

Indeed, 99Math is a cloud-based programme that can be used on any internet-connected device.

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