Snapchat has maintained its emphasis on highlighting the friendship between its users. Snapchat consistently gives its users something different, whether it’s engaging messaging with Bitmoji or creating streaks on the app. This is how the Snap Planets function operates. Additionally, this article will give you an overview of Snapchat’s Planet Feature and all the information you want.

Describe Snapchat.

A software programme called Snapchat was created with amusement in mind. It is primarily used with tablets and smartphones. The application works with both iOS and Android operating systems. Users of the application can post “Snaps,” which are photographs or videos. These photos are special because, after a while, they vanish from view.

The “Chat function” is another feature of Snapchat, similar to other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. Additionally, when they have been viewed, the chats vanish. Some users like Chats Snapchat’s unique feature, while others find it annoying. However, you can adjust the settings such that the chats disappear after 24 hours.

Snapchat Planets: What Are They?

Put simply, Snapchat planets are an arrangement of your eight closest friends, shown in the same sequence as the planets in our solar system. You are primarily shown as the “Sun” in Snapchat’s “Best Friends Solar System” feature, while your friends are given a “Planet” according to how intensely they use the app.

For instance, you are their first closest buddy if you are Mercury in their solar system and your friend is the Sun. The “Planet” feature on Snapchat, also known as “Best Friends Solar System,” is only accessible to Plus subscribers. This implies that you cannot utilise the SnapChat Plus Planet feature if you are not a Plus subscriber.

Features of Snapchat Plus

With the Snapchat Plus subscription, you may take advantage of additional intriguing features in addition to Snapchat Planets order. Let’s examine a handful of them:

  • Priority Story Replies: Your responses will be given precedence over those of other people. As a result, if you respond to any creator’s story, they will see it first because it will be highlighted.
  • Designate a BFF: You can designate any friend as your best friend. Their conversation will therefore appear first.
  • Custom Camera Option: A custom camera with animated capture buttons is included with Snapchat Plus. You can swap out the usual camera button with a football, fidget spinner, or heart.
  • Chat Wallpapers: Individual chats can have different backgrounds set. You can upload your own wallpaper or select from a few pre-made ones.
  • Post View Emoji: After your friends have seen your snaps, you can choose any emoji that they will see. Therefore, if you have Snapchat Plus, you may also test out these intriguing features.
    For $3.99 a month, you can also get these features in addition to a few more.

How Can I Get Snapchat Plus? What Is It?

The premium Snap membership known as Snapchat+, or Snapchat Plus, gives users access to a number of premium features. A few of these are chat backgrounds, custom camera, dark mode, tale rewatch count, and more. The monthly cost of a Snap Plus subscription is $3.99. Alternatively, you can pay $39.99 annually and $21.99 for six months.

To obtain Snapchat Plus, you must:

1. Sign into Snapchat.

2. Navigate to the Profile.

3. Next, press the top-positioned Snapchat+ banner.

4. Click Next.

5. Select a plan for subscriptions.

6. Additionally, when you buy a subscription plan, you receive a 7-day free trial.

The Meaning and Order of Snapchat Planets

The planets in the Snapchat friend solar system are arranged in the same order as the planets in our solar system, and each planet on the solar system corresponds to a distinct place on your list of best friends. As the Sun in your Snapchat friend solar system, Mercury corresponds to the friend you snap and chat with the most, Venus to your second-closest friend, and so on, all the way to Neptune, your eighth best friend. Additionally, we have provided a detailed explanation of Snapchat planets along with the associated emoji below to assist you better grasp what they mean:


Mercury is the first planet in the Snapchat solar system, much like in the actual one, and it stands for the user’s first closest buddy. Mercury is symbolised as a red planet encircled by five red hearts.


Venus is the second planet from the sun and the second closest buddy to the user. Venus is symbolised by a light brown planet with hearts in shades of pink, blue, and yellow revolving around it.


Earth is the third planet in the solar system and the third best friend of a user. It is depicted as being the same hue as the actual Earth, surrounded by red hearts, stars, and the moon.


Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system and on Snapchat, it signifies your fourth closest buddy. A red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts encircling their friend emoji serves as its symbol.


Jupiter is a user’s fifth closest buddy since the Snapchat solar system is a copy of our solar system. The application features a planet that is reddish-orange in colour, surrounded by stars and dark orange stripes.


Saturn, which is sixth from the sun in our solar system, is the user’s sixth closest friend. An orange planet with a ring of stars serves as a symbol for it.


The Uranus planet, symbolised by a green globe devoid of hearts, is equivalent to a user’s seventh closest buddy on Snapchat.


Not to mention, Neptune is the eighth person in your friend list within the app’s Solar System and is the eighth planet in our solar system. Recall that this lonely Blue Planet is devoid of both love and life.

Why Doesn’t Snapchat Plus Planets Function?

Many users frequently lament that the planets are not functioning and that their Snapchat keeps crashing. Usually, it occurs when the Best Friend badge’s golden ring vanishes. That could be due to a number of factors, such as an unlinked Bitmoji, the subscription expiring, or not being a close friend.

Thus, make sure that your Bitmojis are linked and that you are both on each other’s friend lists. Additionally, you can upgrade the Snapchat app to see if it resolves the issue.

How Do I View Snapchat Planets Without Paying?

Want to view Snapchat planets with no cost? Here’s how to see without having to carry any money at all.

  • Set up Snapchat on your gadget.
  • Make an account, then add friends.
  • Open the area of your profile.
  • Press the Snapchat+ icon.
  • After choosing a package, select “7-day free trial.”
  • Restart the app when your Snapchat+ subscription has been activated.
  • See the profile of your friend.
  • To view planets, tap the “Best Friend” or “Friend’s” badge.

Snapchat Planets Order

What Snapchat Planets Offers

The friend solar system feature on Snapchat has a number of advantages. They are listed below:

  • Shows who your closest friends are and who your furthest friends are.
  • Put eight of your closest pals in a circle around you.
  • Urges the creation of more streaks in order to participate in Snapchat Planets continuously.
  • Permit you to use the app in a more proactive, disciplined, and active manner.

In summary

To sum up, the Snapchat planetary hierarchy provides a distinctive perspective that allows us to examine the subtleties of our virtual friendships. The positions of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the sky correspond to the different levels of intimacy we have with our friends on the network. The positions of these planetary counterparts inside our solar system change as we snap and chat, reflecting the dynamic nature of our relationships. Comprehending the meaning associated with every planet helps us to recognise the depth and intricacy of our virtual social connections. Snapchat presents a fascinating world of friendship that is just waiting to be discovered.


What is the Planet Order on Snapchat?

The arrangement of the planets in the solar system represents your proximity to a friend or vice versa.

What in the Snapchat Solar System does Neptune stand for?

The eighth and final planet in the Snapchat Planet Order is Neptune, which is blue in colour. You are rated eighth on your friend list if you are allocated to planet Neptune, or eighth place, in the Planet Order system.

Which planet is the first in the solar system of Snapchat?

Mercury, the first planet, stands for your closest companion.

Are Snapchat Premium and Plus the same?

There is no app called Snapchat Premium; Snapchat Plus is the app’s premium membership plan.

Does Snapchat Plus have no ads?

No, even if you upgrade to Snap Plus, Snapchat will still display advertisements.

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