Quizizz mimics the design of popular game shows and functions as an online testing platform. This calls for the creation of a FAQ system that works with Chrome, iOS, Android, and desktop clients. Because students can take the exam on their own devices and because the interactions are game-like, the student feels that studying is more pleasurable. Teachers can utilize pre-made tests or create their own from scratch using the materials at their disposal. Since each user is assigned a unique passcode, students are spared the trouble of creating individual accounts. Furthermore, sensitive information and secrecy can be safeguarded.

Teachers may construct a wide range of quizzes with ease using this website, which is a great resource. However, because they may be changed, they can provide classes and students with a more comprehensive and customized service.

What is the objective of Quizizz?

Registration is required in order to use Quizizz in the classroom. Apart from the essential primary data, you might also make use of an account on Google or Microsoft that is connected to your institution. This product’s ease of integration with other web-based applications, such as Edmodo, Google Classroom, and Remind, is its primary utility.

To make choosing a suitable quiz easy, teachers can search and sort the database of quiz options. You can get the precise data you need by using an existing questionnaire. You can go back in time and alter the previous draft.

A new test with single- and multiple-selection multiple-choice answers for every question is one option. If typing by hand saves more time, educators should choose it over rich media options. Incorporate pictures into your question formats and response options, and give each student personalized feedback. For example, the kids’ responses may be used to start a widely shared joke on the internet. There are lots of possibilities available, and educators can even design their own.



Users can use the Quizziz online platform to create and take quizzes. Among Quizziz’s most essential features are the following:

1. Using Quizziz, Which makes creating quizzes easy, I made a test. It is appropriate to ask multiple-choice, true/false, and free-form questions. You can modify the timing, options, and appearance of the question using the platform’s user-friendly quiz creation tool.

2. Research Database: With Quizziz’s question bank, you may browse and select from a wide range of previously created questions. This time-saving tool provides a question bank covering various topics.

3. Live Interactive Tests: Real-time, multi-participant quizzes are Quizziz’s speciality. To take part in a quiz, participants only need to enter a game code. Because the platform facilitates real-time multiplayer interactions, it can be used in educational institutions, training facilities, and informal tournaments.

4. Gamification’s Fun Factor: Quizziz makes taking quizzes fun and exciting by utilizing elements of game design. Players’ accuracy and speed are tracked and posted on a scoreboard to promote healthy competition and honour top players.


  • Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively by the lesson plan or website. I mainly utilize it to evaluate material.
  • Using Quizizz is like coming home. I ascertain my students’ development and knowledge gaps quickly.
  • Even if they don’t place in the top five, they value how it draws attention to their knowledge and proficiency and raises their sense of self-worth.
  • They find that it’s more interesting to use powerups and other amusing features while taking many quizzes rather than a traditional test.


  • So far, I can’t think of anything that bothers me about it. But my kids think it’s frustrating that there are powerups.
  • The software does have a severe flaw, though, in that quizzes need to be double-checked because they sometimes contain errors.
  • The client stated, “The ONLY issue I’ve had with this program is that when I give live courses, I only receive a few genuine names.”
  • Since it costs money to “reactivate” a quiz, I have to start over if a student forgets to turn in an assignment.

Extensive Reports and Analysis

After taking a quiz on Quizziz, users get thorough analysis and comments. You may learn how long each participant took to answer the question, how accurately they did so, and how well they scored overall. These documents support tracking participant development and pinpointing areas in need of enhancement.

System integration for learning management

Quizziz can be connected with well-known LMSs like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. This makes it easy for instructors and trainers to incorporate quizzes into their educational activities. A website called Quizziz allows users to collaborate and share quizzes. You can give quizzes to participants at their convenience if you give them individual quiz codes. Teachers can collaborate by exchanging and editing quizzes.

There are various categories of questions: Quizziz allows you to upload questions in different formats, including multiple-choice, true/false, and free-form text. Math, images, and videos are examples of visual aids that can be used to enhance the interest level of the question presentation.

Features that adapt: Among Quizziz’s accessible features include text-to-speech, colour contrast options, and keyboard access. These features will enable a broad spectrum of users, including those with movement or sensory impairments, to access the platform.

Quizziz is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its users’ data. It provides options for controlling who can take your quizzes and protects your privacy. Users of Quizziz can use the service without disclosing any personal information, respecting their privacy.

How much does Quizizz cost?

Apart from business-related options, Quizizz’s homepage should be more active when it comes to price, even though it offers a free trial. The annual cost of the $10/month plan is $96 as opposed to $0 for the free option. Any question in the Quizizz Super database can be used to generate an unlimited number of tests and lessons. When viewing interactive movies, playing games, or reading explanations of answers, there are no advertisements.


Best Quizizz Usage Advice

Take your time looking: You’ll end up saving time by searching the database rather than making your quiz. Additionally, your proficiency grows the more you utilize the platform.

Recognize early and take action: Before beginning a new class or semester, give students an exam to determine their level of understanding of the material. With this information, you can tailor your courses to the requirements of both individual students and the class as a whole. Parental involvement: To provide parents with the advantage of a second set of eyes, have children assess their work and email the results to them, preferably once a month.

Which criteria should I apply in order to find a particular lesson or test?

The Quizizz library contains thousands of pre-made quizzes and lectures created by other academics and instructors. These tools are broken down into numerous categories, including icebreakers and bell ringers, mathematics, English and Language Arts, social studies, foreign languages, physics, computer science skills, and many more. Users can find exams and courses on the website by using the search option. The following are the steps to follow:

  • To enter, sign in to Quizizz.
  • From the menu on the left, select Explore.
  • Searching the featured areas or using the search box will help you quickly discover what you’re searching for.
  • You can narrow down the results of your search by selecting a specific Level (from elementary to university), Content Area, Language, Number of Questions, etc.
  • You may see an overview of the questions and courses by hovering over the search results.
  • Once you’ve located the quiz or lesson you wish to watch, click Play to begin a live quiz, mark it as homework, or get a preview.

How can I create a quiz on Quizizz?

Assigned quizzes offer pupils greater freedom than live quizzes. You can assign your quizzes or make them publicly available in the Quizizz library. You may quickly locate an appropriate quiz for your class by choosing the Assign Homework button and, if necessary, establishing a deadline. After adjusting the settings as needed, click the Assign option.

Creating a custom Quizizz lesson

Make a class on Quizizz to exchange games and tests with your students. As an alternative, you can import students and materials into a new class from Schoology, Google Classroom, or Canvas. To make a new class, perform the following actions:

  • To enter, sign in to Quizizz.
  • To add a new category, choose Classes from the left pane.
  • This is where you should enter the name of your course.
  • Kindly choose “Create class.”
  • Give the students the code or URL that you created.
  • Students enter the class code at quizizz.com/join/class to sign in.

Styles that Qiuzziz wore

This software has two primary workflows. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, these variables can be used to create tests that are perfect for you. Teachers are just some of the ones who generate materials for assessments. Taking a quiz with friends or coworkers might be entertaining. Below is a list of every quiz creation option available in Qiuzziz.

As soon as they submit their answers, customers can view their scores with the real-time quiz option. To access the quiz in this manner, visitors need to receive a unique code from you. They’ll need that code and their names to start. They will receive the standard quiz scores once the test has begun. As a designer, you may watch the screen to observe how the consumers are interacting with it.

How might it help someone acquire new knowledge?

Thanks to Qiuzziz, the students will pick up new vocabulary associated with their subject of study. No one is too stupid to learn new words. It is, nevertheless, applicable to examinations in all subject areas. It will facilitate your comprehension of the subtleties of your subject. Your topic will be the subject of questions created by an AI-based system. The portal also provides a time-saving, pre-paid quiz substitute.


A further way to give quizzes ahead of time is to toggle Default. In this case, you have to create an exam and mark it as homework. There can be a time limit on how long players can finish the quiz. This is how many businesses evaluate their personnel on a regular basis. Each participant is required to finish the test and turn it in by the deadline. To register and get access to this account, they have to input their email addresses. After the quiz has been submitted, the results will be available to the public. You can check the overall scores of the participants in your account after the cutoff.

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