costco gas hours

A significant portion of Costco’s business is the sale of petrol. From its 668 petrol stations, the big box retailer sold roughly a million gallons of fuel per month in 2022. In 2022, revenues for Costco’s petrol division accounted for almost 14% of all net sales (Costco). Why does Costco go through all of this work when selling petrol often generates little money? Having petrol outlets attracts more customers than the large box store would not typically obtain, even though selling petrol makes Costco’s operation more complex. In addition to buying fuel, 50% of customers shop at warehouses.

Costco: What Is It?

Costco is a membership-only warehouse club with a wide range of products and supermarket-quality goods. Even plan B, tech, toys, and luxury goods are sold in some stores. The majority of the company’s parking lots have petrol stations.

Gas prices at Costco

Petrol sales at Costco contribute 9% of the company’s income since they can often sell it for roughly 20 cents per gallon less than local rivals. The company does not display its petrol pricing on its website, partly because of market volatility and variations in local taxation regimes.

Here is a list of Costco’s petrol station hours for each day:

Days Opening Time
Closing Time
Monday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Tuesday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Wednesday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Thursday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Friday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Saturday 7 AM – 9 AM 6 PM – 8 PM
Sunday 7 AM – 9 AM 6 PM – 8 PM

Holiday and Off-Season Costco Gas Hours

During the holidays, some adjustments are made. The hours of operation at Costco petrol stations vary on several holidays. They also remain closed on some days. The following days are listed as being off-limits for Costco petrol stations:

  • December 31
  • Sunday, Easter
  • Fourth of July
  • on May Day
  • On Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

What Are The Ideal Hours And Days To Purchase Gas At Costco?

The queues at Costco can occasionally grow quite long, which is one of the most recognized problems with petrol purchases there. Therefore, it is better to schedule your travels to the petrol station at periods of the day when other customers are likely to be engaged in other activities. The hours between 10 am and noon in the late morning are the greatest for purchasing petrol at Costco. Make sure to visit during the week, as weekends are typically the busiest day at the petrol station.

costco gas hours

Using Costco petrol

A Costco legacy is providing premium gas at the best prices.
Its petrol station offers standard and premium grade fuel and sometimes cheaper diesel.


  • Costco bargain claims and high-quality fuel
  • Trained aid is available to you at all times
  • Ethical principles for green Cleaning
  • Membership card for incredible benefits and savings
  • High-quality fuel at competitive pricing with a satisfaction guarantee


  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • A long queue, especially at peak times
  • Methods For Saving At Costco’s Pump
  • Even if Costco already has low prices, there are still a few ways to cut costs at the pump.

1. Purchase petrol while it’s cool in the morning.

Buying your petrol early in the morning is one straightforward piece of advice. If you fill up when it’s cold outside since petrol is denser when it’s cold outside, you’ll get a little more fuel for your money. You’ll save even more if you buy petrol in the morning because petrol stations frequently hike prices in the afternoon and evening. Consumer Reports offers more.

2. Use a card with cashback.

Several cashback cards reimburse you in part for your Costco Gas purchase. Aside from that, according to CNBC, Costco credit cards give 4% cash back on qualified petrol purchases for the first $7,000 in a year (after that, 1%).

3. Scan Your Costco Gas Bills

The majority of individuals toss their receipts in the trash without hesitation. However, scanning your receipts can significantly lower the cost of your Costco petrol. You can get cash back for doing this using a variety of apps. For instance, you can get paid for uploading any receipt with Receipt Hog and Fetch Opinion Rewards. Therefore, if you ever find yourself about to throw away a Costco petrol receipt, pause and consider that it might be worth a little additional money.

Can You Pay Cash For Gas At Costco?

The fact that Costco only accepts one type of payment is another drawback of doing your petrol shopping there. The only forms of payment allowed at Costco petrol stations are Visa credit and debit cards. There is no cash exchange.

costco gas hours

What Kinds of Services Does Costco Gas Provide?

Costco petrol is a petrol station that provides petrol to Costco members at discounted rates in addition to providing additional services like automobile cleaning and car washing. Depending on the area and the season, different hours apply. But most Costo shops are open seven days a week, and some are open 24 hours a day!

Furthermore, this service is offered on significant holidays. For instance, Costco stores typically operate fewer hours on Christmas and Thanksgiving days. They might be open, but just for a few hours during the day (often between 6 am and 10 pm).

Using Costco petrol has several benefits compared to well-known rivals like Shell or BP. You not only save money by purchasing it in bulk from Costco, but you also save time by avoiding traveling to a different petrol station. Purchasing petrol from Costco is often significantly more affordable than other retailers – sometimes by as much as $0.30 per gallon! Additionally, many think the petrol at Costco is equally as excellent as or even better than what they would receive elsewhere.

These are the services that Costco Gas offers:

1. Payment Methods Available With Touch To Pay Services

In addition to accepting Visa cards, Costco membership cards, and mobile wallets, Costco petrol stations also offer ‘tap to pay.’ You can utilize each of these contactless payment methods without having any issues.

2. The Protective and Cleaning Fuel

The Kirkland Signature formulation’s premium petrol contains potent additives that safeguard your engine and keep it clean, enabling it to perform like a brand-new car. For your car to survive a long time, it’s essential to use premium petrol with lots of deposit-controlling additives.

Costco Petrol offers the highest quality fuel for your engine to run at its best. Furthermore, select Costco locations’ Kirkland Signature Diesel has additives that help remove injector deposits. This improves engine performance and economy as well.

3. Quality Assurance by the AAA

It may surprise you to hear that not all petrol is created equal. The highest quality fuel is not found in all brands; some are TOP TIER brands, while others are non-TOP TIER. According to AAA testing, the quality of petrol is significantly influenced by detergent additives. Testing has shown that TOP TIER gas offers Costco Gas customers the best performance.

4. Excellent Fuel

Costco’s petrol meets the high standards Costco customers have grown to expect. Because Costco Gas is a TIER gas store, your engine will run as efficiently as possible, and you can trust them.

Kirkland Signature uses petrol that has been specially formulated to clean your car’s engine and make it operate like new. This petrol has a detergent strength that is five times more than what the EPA requires. To improve cold-start performance and wear prevention, Costco also sells premium diesel.

5. Skilled Professionals

Along with reasonable costs, Costco Gas provides a fantastic experience and superior customer service. If you need assistance, you can bet on the best experience with the best available staff. Highly skilled individuals dedicated to ensuring client safety at the petrol pump work at Costco’s fueling locations.

Additionally, they see that the station is always maintained and kept spotless so visitors have a good time. Every Costco petrol station is incredibly eco-friendly, it is essential to note.

Click a button when you’re ready to go, and the machine will take care of the rest. That’s how easy it is! For outstanding smoothness when moving, the water-based lubricant permeates the entire length of your hair. American homes can now take advantage of Costco Gas’s free, unlimited same-day grocery delivery service for a leisurely ride home after a long day at work.

costco gas hours

New Costco Gas Stations Will Open Soon

According to the most recent data, Costco owns 847 warehouses with total square footage between 80,000 and 230,000. There are rumors that Costco wants to increase the number of its outlets abroad. According to what they said, these places will be opening soon!

  • December 2022, Lake Stevens, Washington
  • December 2022, Casuarina, Australia
  • January 2023 in Queen Creek, Arizona
  • London, Ontario, S. – March 2023
  • March 2023 in Kyle, Texas
  • March 2023 in Pudong, China
  • April 2023, Longmont, Colorado
  • April 2023, Meiwa, Japan

Customer Service Information for Costco Gas

Email is a viable method of contacting Costco Gas customer service. will be pleased to help you if you have any questions or need explanations. Customers of Costco Gas can also find several FAQs and highlighted articles online that might answer their general questions.

Costco Gas ‘ customer service is quite adequate, with seasoned and highly skilled individuals on their teams. Customers receive prompt, helpful service from them for the greatest possible experience. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still raging, has devastated the whole world and left the firm understaffed.


In conclusion, purchasing petrol from Costco can be an excellent method to cut costs. Just be aware that you’ll need a debit card or contactless payment option and that weekends can be crowded. Go to Costco on weekdays early in the morning or late at night to avoid crowds. You will be happy you did!


Are there any public Costco petrol stations?

No. Costco members and customers who use Costco Shop Cards are the only ones allowed to use Costco petrol stations.

When is Costco Gas’s customer service department open?

At each of its petrol stations, Costco has safety attendants on staff. All of Costco Gas’s operating hours are covered by these attendants, who are present.

How about additional services from Costco Gas?

Costco Gas provides on-site security and customer care representatives. High-quality fuel and less expensive petrol are advantages of petrol at Costco.

Where is the closest Costco Gas located?

Use the store locator on Costco to find the closest Costco Gas outlet. A gas pump icon will appear below the store hours and address if your chosen location has Costco Gas.

When Would Be The Best Time To Visit Costco?

According to research from various articles, the most practical time to visit Costco is between 3 and 5 pm on Tuesday through Thursday.

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