Many parents of children with autism spend a lot of time ensuring they have the skills they need for the world. As they grow up, they enter the school system and can participate in unique programs for children with autism. But what about when school is out, or when that child becomes an adult with autism? Using autism day programs in Philadelphia is a great way to encourage socialization and be involved in fun activities that make them part of an understanding community.

What is an Autism Day Program?

There are plenty of different programs. Most companies that provide these programs will offer a variety of activities and coordinated calendars to provide daytime activities and interactions. It may be something as simple as playing games together or doing crafts, but these programs often go far beyond that to work on assessing and growing skills and can provide training for potential employment goals as well.

Generally speaking, adults with autism may need some supervision and extra support, but they are often capable of handling minor activities as well as their daily living activities. Functionality does vary, but that is where autism day programs can be helpful.

The day program you choose will have its own unique agenda or schedule. Typically, the program lasts the majority of the day, starting with meeting together, enjoying an activity, having lunch together, completing an afternoon activity, and then meeting or ending the day. Some programs provide transport as well.

Living Away from Home

Adults with autism have the desire to live away from home like many other adults. Some will go on to live more neurotypical lives. Those with higher levels of autism may need additional support or just to know they have support available. A program with residential services that provides an assisted living community is great for this type of need. There are several different options available, including:

Independent living: minimal support in an apartment setting
Supported living: staff available to help with self-care and basic support needs
Supervised group: a group home with supervision and support based on needs
Foster care: an adult program that houses the autistic individual within a home
In-home care: support personnel comes to the home to provide needed services

It is important to know and understand the needs of the individual to choose the right fit. No matter where they end up, being involved in activities and day programs will be essential.

Community Activity and Involvement

The primary point of day programs like these is to ensure the individual enjoys social and recreational activities that contribute to their quality of life. From simple daily program activities to outings and events, it’s incredible to see how involvement improves their lives and helps them develop independence.

Finding the Right Program

Finding quality autism day programs in Philadelphia should be handled to meet the needs of the individual. These programs provide unhindered support in all the right ways, helping to develop friendships and encourage enjoying life. The resources are incredible and can be a great help for individuals with autism.

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