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The Cactus AI platform also referred to as Cactus AI offers over 65 tools to help students with their academic work. It has an essay writer with artificial intelligence that can find references and improve your writing. It’s an incredible feature that makes complex physics issues, complex sentences, and difficult arithmetic problems easier to solve.

Whether you’re studying information technology or computer science, you’ll be happy to learn that Caktus has a feature that will help you comprehend complex coding problems. Python, Javascript, and Java are among the more than ten programming languages that it supports. Similar to the arithmetic problem solver, Cactus can explain each line of the code and, if needed, translate it into a different computer language.

Main Features

Cactus AI comes with a plethora of AI-powered functionalities, such as:

  • Make your theme unique: Select from topics ranging from “Impact of AI” to more specialized questions. What is the impact of deep learning algorithms on healthcare?
  • Subject knowledge: The text has wording that is suitable for a variety of professions, including the humanities and STEM.
  • Length: As previously said, the responses vary in length from one page to over thirty pages in dissertations.
  • Composition style: Choice of reflective, defending, and clarifying forms.
  • Language ability: From primary education to doctoral studies.
  • References: Automatic citations in forms like APA, MLA, and Chicago for both the text and the references list.
  • Not copied word for word: Ensures that each essay meets requirements while retaining its original points.


  • Very affordable and time-efficient for most students
  • An immediately usable and intuitive web interface
  • Quick availability all the time and excellent uptime
  • Rapid response enabling brief work spurts
  • Higher product quality in comparison to human labour
  • Customization to fulfil particular needs
  • Eenhances a pupil’s ability when used regularly
  • Academic criteria are better satisfied by domain specificity than by broad tools.


  • Over-reliance risk, even in cases where use is still voluntary
  • If it is the only tactic used, it may diminish the distinctive perspectives that have been developed over time.
  • Certain limitations on the application of creativity in relation to human resourcefulness
  • Does not take the role of back-and-forth guidance with in-person education.
  • Potential subscription lock-in for a closed-source platform


Is Artificial Intelligence at Caktus Free?

You will be credited with 20,000 credits when you create a Caktus account. These go a long way and are more than enough to try the tool out before purchasing it. If Caktus fulfils all of your requirements, you will have the option to purchase a membership plan that will allow you to use the website without restrictions.

What Features Does This Instrument Provide?

Cactus is an artificial intelligence essay writer that helps you write better. It provides you with customized guidance on how to write coherent, comprehensible essays.

  • Study science and math: Caktus simplifies complex science and math problems into manageable stages that you can follow to finish them.
  • Acquire Coding Skills: For beginners, Caktus.AI provides support for several programming languages. It explains topics and changes code for you. Write engrossing paragraphs for your readers using the paragraph generator.
  • References: Compile all of the text’s references and include them at the start of each new paragraph.
  • Make Human: To text that is automatically generated, add your writing style. Write independently with AI!
  • Questions for Discussion: Write thoughtful answers to class discussions to boost student involvement.
  • Text Synopsis: Eliminate the key concepts from a text.
  • Enhancer of material: To make a piece of writing more interesting, imaginative, and captivating, rewrite it.
  • Post on Discussion Board (Agree): If you copy and paste a classmate’s message from a discussion board, Cactus.AI will generate a response that supports it. If you are a writer for personal statements, create an engaging and unique statement for your academic and professional objectives.
  • Email writer: Because nobody enjoys composing emails, delegate the task to Cactus AI!
  • Answer to a Question: Ask Caktus AI any query, and you’ll receive a fast answer.
  • Cacti: For your academic work, Access Academic Sources.AI provides reliable sources. The data it provides is accurate.
  • Tailor Your Writing Style: Caktus AI learns your writing style, making your work distinctive as it adapts to suit your writing preferences.
  • Talk to AI: Think of Cactus AI as your helper for your schoolwork. It is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Cactus AI’s Cost & Subscription Options

Because of its straightforward membership pricing structure which offers a two-day trial without requiring credit card information—Cactus AI is easy to use on a regular basis. Savings on Plans vs Monthly: $29.99 every quarter; Monthly: $14.99 per month; $15 in savings$99.99 annually, or savings of $74.

Subscriptions allow unlimited access to all functions at peak periods. These features include:

  • Authored essays and synopses
  • Motives for the research questions
  • Assistance in developing Python coding tools for math, chemistry, and physics classrooms
  • Resume writers and developers of job applications
  • Language translations, as well as other things

Payments can be made with PayPal, Stripe, debit cards, and all major credit cards. Pertaining to the cost of unlocking capabilities, pupils get outstanding value. Significant time savings that can be converted into cash gains are shown by comparing the costs with previous manual efforts. Content writer Liam, a freelancer, states, “Since subscribing, I easily save 20+ hours a month, worth $500+ in billable time.” The convenience with which Cactus AI offers quick access to excellent content far outweighs the subscription fee. Monthly plans provide irregular clients with the freedom to begin. The most economical annual plans are those that are predicated on regular use. Additionally, it is simple to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel for upcoming renewals. The majority of students believe that the pricing system offers affordable rates, especially considering the sizeable daily productivity boost it provides.

Which Uses Is This Tool Appropriate for?

  • Writing essays with the help of Essay AI Writer.
  • Solving challenging mathematical puzzles and comprehending concepts from science.
  • Enhancing one’s coding skills by utilizing coding tools.
  • Locating and adequately citing academic sources.
  • Adapting one’s writing to assignments and essays.
  • Obtaining assistance for inquiries regarding homework and studies.

1. Author of Essays

To start creating an essay with Caktus, choose the Essay Writer tool and give it a topic. Following that, you’ll need to give the tool between 30 and 60 seconds to generate the essay. To test this functionality, I had Caktus compose an essay on the topic, “Why is the sky blue and not white like the sun?” This essay has excellent writing. There are also citations to the original research publications. But there are a lot of problems with it as well!

First of all, the topic of why the sky is blue is unrelated to the second chapter. It talks about particular visual experiences and computer graphics research. In its latter sections, the essay also explains why the sky turns red or orange after sunset. The sun doesn’t come any closer or farther away during the day, despite the fact that it is said to be the reason for the colour shift. Instead, light must pass through the earth’s atmosphere a greater distance as the sun rises or sets.

This is a false claim made by the AI essay generator, but it does so persuasively. Caktus occasionally commits mistakes that take time to notice. To ensure correctness, the content in the essay needs to be thoroughly fact-checked and validated. Creating the article from scratch can take less time than doing this. Furthermore, if there is a lack of understanding on the subject, AI is more likely to make mistakes.

2. Paragraph Generator

Another fantastic feature of Caktus is the Paragraph Generator. Similar to the essay generator, this tool asks you to give a brief description of the paragraph you want to write about. After waiting for 15 to 30 seconds, an original and distinct output paragraph generated by AI will be sent to you. For example, when I asked the paragraph generator, “What is Artificial Intelligence?” I got this response. This chapter looks really lovely.

The material is plainly stated, and the language is succinct and direct. Let’s investigate whether Caktus delivers on its promise to provide unique and exciting content for this chapter. I am going to use an online plagiarism checker named for this paragraph.

Duplichecker gives an example of copying. As you can see, 9% of this passage is plagiarized. As you can see, the tool gives a link to the source and emphasizes the first sentence in the paragraph. So, proceed with caution! Avoiding plagiarism detection is something you should do, mainly if you rely on a technology that claims it won’t do it.

3. Calculus

One helpful function in Caktus is the arithmetic solver mode. This program allows you to solve equations and arithmetic difficulties quickly. For example, in this instance, I’ve asked the tool to find the zeros of the quadratic equation. This answer is 100% accurate and took less than 5 seconds to compute. But this functionality uses Wolfram Alpha, a free service that is currently available, to compute the results. Unlike Caktus, Wolfram Alpha can be accessed here and used without charge.

Therefore, even though Caktus serves the same function, Wolfram Alpha allows you to compute mathematical equations and exercises at no cost. You’ll see that there are no sufficient words to describe the current math problem. If you give it an equation to solve, that might be helpful. Therefore, this feature works more or less like a graphical calculator rather than an AI-based arithmetic solver.

4. Coder

Let’s finally examine the code writer tool. Although there are alternative languages, we’ll use Python since it’s the most popular. I asked the tool to write a script that takes URLs stored in a text document and extracts HTML from web pages. This was just amazing! I made sure the code worked, and it did! I ran the script above through the terminal to make sure it had successfully collected the HTML. I created a text document on my desktop that contained every URL. What a fantastic feature. There will now be limitations with more complex coding.

AIs can only produce coders with errors. AI is currently capable of handling primary use cases like opening a file or reading data from a URL. But the AI can’t create a game or a significant, vital piece of software. I have now discussed a few of the most noteworthy features of Caktus. The code generator is fantastic because it generates correct code really rapidly. However, the other qualities must be included as well. The math solver is available as a free standalone application.

Furthermore, even though the paragraph and essay generators work very well, they regularly commit errors and use copied text. The same technology drives the extra features of Caktus. This suggests that these issues also exist there, even if I didn’t test them separately!

Cactus AI’s Advantages for Students

Cactus AI provides significant practical value by automating the most tedious and time-consuming academic tasks.

1. Eliminates the Need for Hours of Hand Research

Students don’t spend hours looking over code libraries or sifting through books; instead, they explain their needs. Cactus AI saves a ton of time that would have been spent on preliminary research, gathering references, and generating basic outlines. Responses, summaries, codes, essays, and essays are all automatically formatted according to preset guidelines. These days, Caktus can swiftly develop a whole framework, which I can then immediately enhance. Sam, a sophomore in high school, explains, “Before even beginning my first draft, I wasted weekends trying to piece together essay references.”

2. Using Well-Written Templates to Improve Grades

Higher grades are awarded to well-structured essays that employ appropriate language adh, adhere to academic traditions, and are argued clearly. Cactus AI works as a professional ghostwriter, creating templates for students that are so good that they receive higher grades. Professor Amelia Cross, a faculty advisor, notes, “I’ve noticed a noticeable improvement in submissions from students using Cactus AI, especially ESL students.” Based on their results, the tool helps with the exact development of logically sound arguments. And this disparity is reflected in the data. More than 75% of students who were surveyed said that using Caktus writing templates improved their assignments by at least a half grade (5–10%).

3. Saves Time and Provides Skilled Advice for Difficult Study Questions

Cactus AI’s simplified, step-by-step tutorials can expedite the learning of challenging new content. Prompt, expert explanations aid in the development of intuition before one becomes stuck for days. Reducing days of frustration allowed me to move on to more complex ideas, according to Lisa, an 11th grader. “With Caktus, I was able to understand trigonometric identities much more quickly than with traditional learning methods.” By providing students with produced content coaching, proficient users can further scaffold learning.

4. Improves Fundamental Work While Creating Key Competencies

Because Cactus AI continuously produces outputs specific to a given area and level, abilities accumulate implicitly over time. Just by interacting with Caktus’ exceptional output, students’ research, organizing, and writing skills are strengthened. “At first, I solely utilized Caktus to get around coding obstacles when doing assignments,” notes James, a sophomore computer science student, “but just perusing expertly annotated code templates greatly enhanced my basic programming abilities!”

5. Upskilling in Humanities and STEM in Multiple Languages

For English language learners, Cactus AI provides extra acceleration and practice opportunities. Technical papers, essays, and summaries are among the things it produces; these are translated into multiple languages globally. This facilitates data manipulation, language exercise, and creative cognitive processes. This helps advanced students write more fluently in two languages for a wider audience.


1. Tinywow


In the current digital age, kids can access a variety of helpful resources. TinyWow stands out among the others. A modern learner would find this platform’s array of AI writing features immensely helpful. It provides a text generator, sentence rewriter, grammar checker, summarizer, tale generator, and ‘explain it feature, among other things. The best part is that these features are free! Thus, this is a proper free substitute for Caktus.

2. Paraphrasingtool AI

Paraphrasing Tool AI

Before becoming literary masters, well-known authors like Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain started someplace. Even though their path was long, students today can accelerate their writing development with resources like Paraphrasingtool. Writing well is a skill that can be developed, not only something that comes naturally. However, clearly expressing ideas on paper requires practice. That’s where Paraphrasingtool comes in to help you advance your writing. You may improve the flow of your writing, clarify confusing portions, create the ideal atmosphere, and much more with this AI tool.

3. Hyperwrite


Hyperwrite is a valuable tool that’s ideal for activities involving digital data. In early 2023, if you followed trends in AI, you have probably heard about it. Hyperwrite is speedy, easy to use, and capable of handling any writing task.

4. Humata


It is unlikely that a writing tool designed explicitly for students will be found among the sea of writing tools available. It cannot be very safe to go through mountains of scholarly papers, long lists of publications, and complex scientific studies, but is designed to make this process easier.

What students really want is a multifunctional tool that can effectively handle a wide range of jobs. Humata can handle all of your paper’s formatting needs, including highlighting essential points, locating references, and creating citations.

5. AcademicHelp Essay Generator

AcademicHelp Essay Generator

College life can be pretty stressful due to the abundance of assignments and impending deadlines. But what’s the most important lesson for all students at this stage of life? Make wise choices. AcademicHelp Essay Generator is a modern solution that is available to you if you need help with writing. This program, which was created by the AcademicHelp team, attempts to streamline both the writing and research phases. Since its founding in 2011, AcademicHelp has helped students overcome their academic obstacles. We provide timely news, constructive criticism, writing advice, and now, an AI writer.


Caktus AI is an excellent example of an AI-powered writing assistance. AI is the future; therefore, you should definitely start experimenting with it. It’s crucial to remember that this software is merely an “AI assistant” and cannot always complete your activity on its own. It even produces mistakes and plagiarizes text. Nevertheless, Caktus AI is very impressive. Look at us now! In 2020, no one would have guessed that these kinds of technologies would be available in a few years! But please exercise caution when using the AI.

The problem with AI is that it needs help to think. A computer model predicts the outcome based on what has been found online. The fact that the outputs are accurate the majority of the time is only a statistical coincidence; it has no concept of right or wrong. It produced a difficult-to-identify text that was both erroneous and plagiarized, as seen in the examples above.


What distinguishes Cactus AI for students from ChatGPT?

The content produced by Cactus AI more closely adheres to academic standards, including citations and language suitable for a given grade. The context of ChatGPT’s general-purpose responses may differ. Still, Caktus stands to gain a great deal from its more comprehensive experience.

Is it safe for pupils to use Cactus AI for homework?

When utilized appropriately, academics can safely employ Cactus AI as an ideation tool under supervision. However, confirm that using AI-generated content is expressly allowed or prohibited by the institution’s policies.

Which Cactus AI membership plan is best for me?

Think about how often you use it. Monthly payments provide flexibility to accommodate irregular needs. However, well-amortized quarterly and annual contracts offer substantial reductions to regular customers.

Can teachers identify essays written by Cactus AI?

Every essay generated using Cactus AI tools is original, made using the newest AI techniques, and passes the most exacting plagiarism tests when used correctly. But always double-check the quality before submitting.

If I use Cactus AI, will I gradually lose my capacity for original thought?

There’s reason to be concerned. But Cactus AI improves learning in ways that go far beyond trade-offs when used sparingly for creative work and reserved for administrative duties like research and drafts. It is advantageous to monitor use.

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