123Anime.mobi is an excellent resource for watching the latest full-length anime series and episodes dubbed or subtitled in English. You may watch anime from the homepage in various languages and formats (in Japanese, Chinese, dubbed, and subtitled). If you don’t like paying for streaming services, you should use the 123Anime website to watch anime online for free without downloading. The best part about using the 123Anime website is that you don’t have to register or sign up for anything. This article will look at some of the best alternatives to 123Anime mobi. These sites supply access to a wide variety of anime series and other content that may be viewed online. Find out what they are by checking them out.

123Anime: Is It Safe?

According to ScamAdviser, 123Anime is a legitimate and trustworthy website. Additionally, 123Anime has received a favorable reaction. Based on an automatic analysis of 40 various internet data sources, including the technology used, the location of the business, other websites hosted on the exact web server, and so forth, ScamAdviser has a heightened trust rating. Useful websites usually score 80% or above, while those with a score of 100% are very safe. We caution you to thoroughly investigate any unfamiliar website before purchasing or supplying personal information. Criminals can access trusted websites, as was previously discovered.


This website has certain unique elements that increase its allure. Which are:

  • Huge and Current Database: The website features an extensive selection of anime content that is constantly evolving. This indicates that the developers frequently add fresh anime content to the library.
  • Excellent Resolution Option: You can select the resolution to view your preferred anime. You can choose your favorite resolution and take advantage of HD-quality streaming depending on your needs and internet speed.
  • Android application: This website also offers an Android app for mobile device users. The identical thing is downloadable from the main webpage.
  • Subtitles: You can also find pertinent subtitles on this page.
  • Legal Standing: It is a legal service. As a result, you can use our platform without worrying about security vulnerabilities.

Why is 123Anime so well-known?

It’s easy to see why 123Anime has become so popular, given that it’s a free service, but that’s not all there is. The success of 123Anime among anime enthusiasts may be ascribed to several aspects, including its user-friendly layout and never-ending free anime streaming.

  • 123Anime’s database is constantly updated so that users may watch the most delinquent episodes of their favorite anime as soon as they air.
  • You may view your preferred shows in various video solutions on the 123Anime platform for the best picture and sound quality.
  • The 123Anime assistance also offers subtitles for anime films. You ultimately control whether to turn the function on or off.
  • The 123Anime Android app allows users to view anime episodes without commercial interruptions.

123Anime: Is It Legal?

These days, everything is accessible thanks to advancements in technology. However, going to some locations, including waterfalls, is virtually always illegal if they are off-limits in your area. Therefore, it’s difficult to say whether watching 123Anime in your present location is illegal. You should check whether your government or locality is blocking websites like 123Anime.


1. Animefrenzy


If you want the most options, Animefrenzy should be at the top of your list of Chia-anime streaming sites. Additionally, the library includes a sizable collection of American animation. It also features a switch you may utilize to highlight some of the haphazard guides that may come in use in the future.

2. Animelon


The best website for watching anime and learning Japanese is animelon.com. The main purpose of the website is to promote Japanese. By enhancing the fun and interest of language study, Animelon hopes to benefit the language community. The purpose of Animelon is to provide users with interactive features that help them learn Japanese while watching anime.

Each anime episode contains subtitles, which can be clicked to translate instantly. The dialogue is available in the dialogue player to the right, and you can click for translations. Animelon users can view anime and learn Japanese by customizing the video player settings on this website. Animelon offers Hiragana, Katakana, Japanese, Romaji, and English subtitles for users to choose from. It is comparable to 123Anime in that it is the finest place to watch anime.

3. Anime8


For viewing and downloading high-quality anime from KissAsian, KissCartoon, eMovies, Genres, Ongoings, and Anime List, visit the website Anime8. The website has videos with subtitles and is written in English. The video player section contains every episode of a recently released anime series. One of the most beautiful internet streaming sites, in the opinion of most anime viewers. You can view as many episodes of the service’s limitless anime streaming program as possible. It also contains all popular Japanese animation programs from a variety of genres. Additionally, you may view the most recent Dub Anime for free online on the Anime8 website.

4. AnimeTake


On AnimeTake.tv, a vast selection of anime may be watched online. The total number of episodes in the series may be ascertained. AnimeTake’s homepage features a search bar, a random anime picker, a release date checker, and links to relevant site sections. It is one of the top websites like 123Anime.

5. Crunchyroll


Most of the time, omitting Crunchyroll would generate this list incomplete. The website is reliable and great for people whose first language is not English. It guarantees that you can speak and view in English. Additionally, the 720p resolution will ensure you can view it without issues. This account can be connected to an active email address. It will ease your burdens in the long run. Examining the alternatives will be useful if you want to locate the ideal 123Anime substitute.

6. Anime-Planet

anime planet

The finest option for 123Anime for watching anime online is Anime-Planet. It is among the most well-liked and fascinating anime websites online. You can stream your desired anime shows and series on this website, just as on other free anime streaming websites. You can get all the information about the show you want to watch on Anime-Planet. The ability to network with new people is the best aspect of this field. You can follow others who communicate your interests by joining a community of anime lovers.

7. WCOForEver


A renowned anime streaming service, WCOForEver, provides a wide range of free online Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Movies, and Ova Series. Check out the dubbed or subtitled versions to get the most out of these shows. Compared to the competitors, this platform’s high-speed streaming and remarkable responsiveness enhance the streaming experience.

8. 9Anime


One of the most aesthetically attractive and user-friendly substitutes for 9Anime is 9Anime. It might have fewer shows than other websites, but those it does have are all very high quality and available from various sources. There may be no English dub options, but there is no need to look for subtitles online because every show has them built in. There are no genre-specific types, and there is no English dubbing. Instead, the 9Anime classes are groups of particular episodes. The website’s search, at the very least, functions flawlessly, showing search results as your input. Overall, 9Anime is a top 123Anime substitute.

9. AnimeDao


Animedao has been helpful for anime fans who prefer to view the entire series from a single source. This streaming website stands out because it offers 123 anime Manga collections and light stories for readers to enjoy.

10. GoGoAnime


Most of the time, going with GoGoAnime over 123Anime will be the better option, and you will be happy with it. This website takes pride in its extensive database, which makes it possible to find the most obscure, cutting-edge, and widely-appreciated shows. Additionally, remember that the servers for each series you select will typically be different. There are many additional 123Anime options you can pick from if one doesn’t work.

11. 4Anime


Similar to 123Anime, 4Anime offers free anime streaming. You don’t have to sign up or spend anything to watch the broadcasts on 4Anime. Access to 4Anime is free. The quality of the anime and cartoons you watch on 4Anime is entirely up to you. Your personal information is safe on 4Anime thanks to its secure servers, which is the most appealing aspect of the service. Furthermore, ad-free streaming protects you from annoying commercial breaks.

12. 7Anime


The popular anime streaming website 7Anime has episodes and series available to watch. Action, Comedy, Demons, Drama, History, Romance, Samurai, School, Shoujo Ai, Shounen Supernatural, and so much more can all be found within the 7Anime app. It’s one of the best places to watch anime online, and it is free. If you want a fantastic anime streaming experience, it is the place to go. It is one of the top websites similar to 123Anime.

13. WCOFun


You can browse the most popular cartoons on WCOFun. You may find the necessary animated series using filters such as most watched, recently added, forthcoming, A-Z, and others. Additionally, the website is well-organized, making locating a particular anime or cartoon show simple. One of my best childhood experiences was eating breakfast while watching cartoons before heading out to school. Do you want to recapture your youth, but Disney Channel no longer has your favorite shows? We have identified the top websites similar to WCOFun to watch anime online.

14. AnimeFreak


A free anime streaming service is AnimeFreak. But it is unimportant. The majority of fans of anime concur that it is among the highest websites to watch anime online. You can view as many anime episodes as you like on the benefit because of its no-limit anime stream policy. It also features all of the well-known Japan animation programs across all genres. It is one of the top websites to watch anime for free online instead of 123Anime.

15. Funimation


An American streaming business, Funimation, specializes in localizing and delivering East Asian content, especially Japanese anime. The company has grown significantly since its inception in 1994. Over 2.5 million people subscribe to Funimation, which features over 600 anime programs. It is renowned for producing some of the most well-known anime programs, including One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Attack on Titan. Affordable monthly memberships to Funimation are available starting at $5.99 per month. To view well-known anime shows and many more, sign in and activate your Funimation account at Funimation.com/activate. The website’s features are comparable to those of 123Anime.

16. AnimeKaizoku


The website Anime Kaizoku offers free access to anime. Use its search box to find an anime you wish to download and install. If not, then you could have a look at the categories. Each anime download page offers a brief but helpful summary and all the details about the show. It’s among the best 123Anime alternatives.

17. CartoonCrazy


Instead of 123Anime, you might utilize CartoonCrazy. You can obtain a large quantity and collection of anime without signing up. It is also the ideal option for anime with English subtitles. CartoonCrazy is fantastic in terms of how it looks and feels when you use it. With CartoonCrazy, you will be aware of the situation. You will encounter many pop-ups and current adverts, constantly starting a new tab in your web browser. This website has 12 million visits each month, making it relatively well-known. Most users are based in the US, the UK, and Canada.

18. Chia-Anime

Chia anime

Chia anime is well-liked by viewers who desire a more extensive range of free shows, films, and programs. It guarantees better dubbing and subtitles in English. Therefore, the number of people who find English fascinating has increased. This website is beneficial for users of all ages. But you should be mindful that it contains a lot of advertisements. If there are multiple advertisements on your screen, you may find it irritating.

19. AnimeSeason


This is one of the most fantastic 123Anime alternatives to watching anime online. All generations of anime are welcome on AnimeSeason. There are many ways to classify anime, such as “activity,” “journey,” “funny,” “history,” and so on. You may also find an index of anime here that you can use to look for specific titles.

20. Animebreak

If you wish to view films with English subtitles, Animebreak is the top 123Anime substitute. You can use this 123Anime substitute website as much as you like, whether or not you register. You’ll discover that Animebreak allows you to create your categories, add your films to them, and let you watch full episodes. You will find it a lot simpler to plan as a result in the long run.


So, you could find the most incredible 123Anime substitute and that my efforts were worthwhile. Using these 123Anime alternatives, you can watch the best anime from the comfort of your home. Also, if you know of other websites similar to 123Anime that might be a reliable 123Anime replacement, please let us know in the comments below.


Q1. Can I download the 123Anime app?

A. No, there isn’t a free app to download from Google Play.

Q2. 123Anime: Is It Down?

A. This website is up and running because everything is in order. Consider using the best VPN for this site if it isn’t working.

Q3. Does 123Anime require a VPN to stream content?

A. This website is easily accessible but may not function correctly in some regions; in that case, you can use the best VPN to view your preferred shows. Using a VPN, you can alter your location to visit this website while maintaining security.

Q4. Why Use 123Anime, You Ask?

A. If you’re seeking an excellent anime streaming site, look at this website. On this website, you can find the best anime material. This website has everything, including the most recent episodes of the longest-running series and the most-watched shows.

Q5. What makes it necessary to search for 123Anime alternatives?

A. It makes sense if you’re a huge anime lover and want to find out where to acquire your favorite items, especially if it’s free. The website also provides a free anime streaming platform. Sometimes, websites provide news and updates about upcoming anime series and free anime streaming. Some even provide chat rooms where users can engage in conversation.

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